Jodi Swanson


At what age does a person realize they were born and raised in a box? More importantly, at what age does a person decide to break out of that and become their own beautiful self.

Jodi Swanson was born and raised in the "boondocks" the so-called "box" (AKA: minister's daughter/Footloose). Now she lives in the city. These photos are a small piece of her journey in breaking out of that box. She gets bored with "we do it cause it is tradition" thinking. 

Jodi never wanted to be a photographer, she only wanted to get as good as she could in order to journal her story. To sort through the deck life handed her. 

What she didn't expect, is the camera has the power to make people feel beautiful, even in those moments when one is not feeling so. So when she takes a photo it is for one of three reasons: to journal her story, make a beautiful soul see themselves the way she does or to show the people living in the box how beautiful the world can be outside of it.



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