Yvette Meltzer


In 1977 Yvette Meltzer purchased her first SLR camera, took two basic black and white photography courses and began working with black and white film in the darkroom. After working briefly as a freelance photographer, photography became primarily a hobby as she advanced in her career as an educator, conflict resolution specialist, mediator and a mother.   

Yvette now includes color photography in her repertoire and work with a digital camera, having taken almost daily photographs for the last eight years. She finds that in looking through the lens she see images that escape her naked eye.  She enjoys the convergence of color, light, and form whether in the form of a person, place or object.

What has been most exciting for Yvette is moving from primarily concrete to abstract images that have emerged in this journey. Her photography reflects her interest in people, the narratives of their lives, and the environments that shape them.


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